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Ignite Your Culinary Passion: Unveiling Your Path to Success

Are you tired of the grind and yearning for a fulfilling career that ignites your passion? Do you need guidance on where to begin or how to stand out in the field of culinary arts?

Imagine the frustration of endlessly scrolling through job listings struggling to find your place, among countless culinary enthusiasts. The vast culinary world can be overwhelming leaving you feeling disoriented and uncertain about your steps.

Well fret no more! At Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy we have what you need to turn your aspirations into reality. Let us introduce you to our one-year Professional Diploma Program in Culinary Arts. Your gateway to a successful career in the culinary industry.

Course Overview

The One-Year Diploma Program in Culinary Arts is a comprehensive and immersive course designed to provide individuals with a profound understanding of hotel and restaurant kitchen operations, spanning from fundamental techniques to advanced culinary skills. This program serves as a launchpad for those seeking rewarding careers within the hospitality industry and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with essential expertise for success in the dynamic food business landscape.

Program Highlights and why choose this program.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The program encompasses a diverse curriculum, providing a comprehensive education in culinary arts and operations.

Hands-on Training

Emphasis on practical learning through immersive hands-on experiences in modern, fully equipped culinary facilities.


Culinary Mastery

From fundamental techniques to advanced culinary skills, the program enables students to master the art of cooking.

Industry Readiness

Students benefit from a guaranteed industry internship, ensuring they are well-prepared for professional kitchen environments.

Entrepreneurial Focus

In addition to employment readiness, the program imparts essential knowledge for individuals aspiring to establish and manage food businesses.

Work Experience Program

The 6-month work experience program further enhances practical skills and understanding of real-world culinary operations.


Successful completion leads to a prestigious Professional Diploma from Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy, along with national recognition through NSDC certification.

Global Recognition

The program also grants an internationally recognized Advanced Diploma Certification from LAPT, London, enhancing career prospects globally.

Networking Opportunities

Students engage with industry professionals, guest chefs, and alumni, building a valuable network within the culinary world.

Menu Development

Learn the art of menu planning, allowing for creativity and innovation in culinary offerings.

Cost Control

Acquire skills in cost management and budgeting, essential for success in the food industry.

Operational Strategies

Understand the intricacies of restaurant operations, preparing you to navigate challenges effectively.

Job Placement

The program’s industry connections increase employment prospects, ensuring graduates are sought after by hospitality establishments.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

For aspiring entrepreneurs, gain insights into managing and growing successful food ventures.

Transformative Journey

The program is not just education; it’s a transformative experience that empowers individuals to excel in the culinary realm.

Internship and Work Experience

Work Experience Placement Program

As a certified trainee of the 1 Year Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts, you’ll have an exclusive entry into our esteemed Work Experience Placement Program. This unique opportunity offers both a guaranteed Industry Internship and an immersive 6-Month Work Experience program.

At the Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy, we understand that practical exposure is the cornerstone of a successful culinary career. Our extensive network within the Hospitality Industry opens doors for you to train in authentic industry work environments. This hands-on experience not only hones your skills but also propels you towards coveted career opportunities on both national and international scales.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Helping skilled individuals secure their ideal jobs is more than our mission – it’s our passion. As an organization forged by industry, we are steadfastly dedicated to fulfilling the industry’s demands and addressing the ever-growing gap between skilled professionals and the culinary world’s needs. We stand by you, supporting your journey from the classroom to the professional kitchen, ensuring that your training leads seamlessly to a rewarding and impactful career.

Elevate your culinary aspirations with our comprehensive Work Experience Placement Program, designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world success.

Accreditations, Recognitions and Placement Partners


Admission Requirements

Qualification: A candidate should have cleared HSC or Class 10 equivalent from any recognised state board or university for admission.

Age: 17 years & above


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